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Residential Building of J. Daugirdas

Kaunas, Lithuania
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L. Mykolaicio nuotrauka, 2017 m.

The author of the project of this building is the famous and respected architect of many prestigious public buildings, Vladimiras Dubeneckis. It is one of the late works of the architect, testifying to the architect's turn from the classical mindset towards modernism. The building project was prepared in 1930, and the construction was completed in 1931. It is a four-story residential building. The volume of the object is symmetrical, shaped around the staircases arranged in the central axis and the currently non-functioning elevator. The first floor of the building was intended for commerce, and the second to fourth floors contained two five-room apartments each. The representative living rooms were oriented towards Vytauto avenue, while the bedrooms, utility rooms and kitchens were oriented towards the courtyard, from which there was direct access to the utility staircase. The exterior of this building is minimalistic. Here simple geometric shapes and ascetic aesthetics, characteristic of early modernism in Lithuania, prevail. Two large bay windows with ribbon windows stand out on the main facade. Symmetry and the central axis in the main facade are emphasized by the bold entrance portal, the edges of which are decorated with tulip ornaments, as if to give the building a national motif and the vertical staircase window opening. The rear facade of the building also has a modern aesthetic. The volume of the curved staircase, windows of various shapes and wide balconies stand out here. The appearance of the building, although authentic enough, is not maintained and is slowly decaying.

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