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Residential Building of Engineer-Technologist Stasys Radzevičius

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Engineer-technologist Stasys Radzevicius designed this two-story residential building. The construction of the building started in 1928 and was completed about a year later. There were several apartments in the building, some of which were rented. From the other buildings standing on this short Tulpiu street, this one stands out for its original and unique appearance. The building was designed in the late 1920s, when processes of modernity began to emerge in the architecture of Kaunas. This can be seen on the outside of this building as well. It is minimalistic with modernist features. Smooth wall planes, straight, rectangular shapes, wide windows accentuating the corner part, a wide parapet at the top, masking the pitched roof, create the impression of a modern building. However, this impression is diversified by the part of the main entrance, which is accentuated by a pointed arch with pilasters. This is a more typical feature of German expressionist architecture, which rarely occurred in Lithuanian architecture. Therefore, it can be assumed that the foreign architectural trends of the time were considered when designing this building and it was sought to replicate them.

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