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Residental Building of Pagirskiai Family

Vytauto pr. 52 - FOMA-4 Large.jpeg
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By Monika Pociūtė, 2023.

The three-story residential building located at Vytauto Avenue 52 was designed in 1929 and was built about a year later. Although it was designed at a time when the ideas of modernism began to spread in the architecture of Kaunas, the architecture of this building is still in the style of historicism. In the structure of the facade, we can clearly identify the features typical of historicist architecture: symmetrical composition, pilasters, cornices, narrow vertical windows, gables crowning the roof. The facade of the inner courtyard, as is typical of Kaunas buildings of that time, is much simpler and has no decor. It is complemented by elongated, light-shaped balconies. Together with the German gymnasium building, which stood nearby, multi-storied, massive-scale brick buildings created the image of a more intensively urbanized area near the center of the city. In the past there were apartments in the building, and now the Museum of the History of Lithuanian Education is located here.

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