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House of Businessman B. Freidberg

Kaunas, Lithuania
Miško g. 16 - FOMA-4 Large.jpeg
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By Monika Pociūtė, 2023.

The building on plot 16 of Misko street is one of the good examples of the language of modernism in Kaunas. Even though the building has modernistic tendencies and expression of modernism on its facade, it also used elements which represent ornamentation. Unfortunately, there is not much information about the first owner of the structure; however, it is known that the house was owned by businessman B. Freidberg and he owned a shop which sells building materials and a crockery shop. The structure was constructed in 1937, and the architect was L. Ritas. When the apartment block was first built, it had a water supply, sewage, and central heating, which was new at the time. The building has fourteen flats in total and four stories. The ground floor can be regarded as a semi-basement since the windowsills reside on the pavement. On top of the ground floor, there are three regular floors and an attic. At the front facade of the building, there are two entrances. The facade is relatively symmetrical; however, there is a passageway to the backyard from the right axis, which disturbs this symmetry. The building has four long balconies on the street facade, while it has six small balconies at the back. The axis of the entrances at the front facade is more expressive at the back, and they are gradually in front of the main surface. At the middle axis of the front facade, there are small geometrical ornaments, which were made of bricks.

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