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Residential Building of Dovydas and Gedalis Ilgovskiai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Rangovu Dovydo ir Gedalio Ilgovskiu namas

This is one of the most well-known buildings in Kaunas designed by civil engineer Gersonas Davidavicius, who graduated from the Faculty of Technology of Vytautas Magnus University in 1930. The building was commissioned by brothers Dovydas and Gedalis Ilgovskiai, who were one of the biggest construction contractors of Lithuania at that time. The three-story residential building has a symmetrical plan and a modernist appearance. The main facade is dominated by rectilinear and curvilinear forms. Horizontality is emphasized here - wide horizontal window openings, which are connected by strips with profiled edges, wide cornice, parapet strip and three balconies of different sizes. The central part is highlighted by a bold entrance portal. The main facade is given plasticity by the curved windows on the sides of Avant-corps and the slightly curved edges of the balconies. The rear facade has a simpler appearance. The vertical Avant-corps of the staircase, which is divided by vertical windows, is particularly highlighted here. The main aesthetics of the courtyard facade are created by windows of various shapes and several balconies, parts of which are equipped with metal railings. The building originally had six spacious apartments. One of them was occupied by the owners, while the others were rented. In addition, on the first floor of the building there was also an office of the construction company of the owners.

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