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Residential Building

Kaunas, Lithuania
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gyvenamas namas baznycios g 17

This simple and modern-looking three-story residential building was designed and built in the 1930s. The elongated asymmetric rectangular volume of the building is divided into two parts. The first consists of the first floor plastered with dark granite plaster. It is divided by narrow vertical windows and small horizontal lines. The upper floors are divided by wide horizontal windows, which are emphasized by narrow bands below and smooth, light-colored plastered wall planes. The same division is visible in one of the side facades. The exterior of the building is complemented by two deep loggias located on one of the sides of the main facade, which were decorated with metal railings with tulip-shaped twists (remains only in the loggia of the second floor). The upper part is enhanced by a wide cornice. The roof of the building is pitched and covered with tiles. Therefore, such a simple and at the same time modern exterior of the building perfectly represents the aesthetics of the Lithuanian modernism of the Interwar period.

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