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Residental Building of V. Prozorovas

Kaunas, Lithuania
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v prozorovo namo savanoriu 141 nuotrauka

According to the original project, which was made in 1931, this building was designed with two floors. But later it was decided to enlarge the building and it was built with three floors. The asymmetric, elongated building stands at the intersection of two streets. Therefore, it stands out from the surrounding buildings not only with its large volume, but also with its curved corner part - this is a typical accent of buildings built at the intersection of streets. The architecture of the building is simple, typical of early modernism in Lithuania. The unplastered exterior is divided by wide windows, and narrow horizontal lines. The corner part and one of the sides of the building are complemented by small balconies with metal railings. The upper part is completed by wide cornice and high parapet, which follow the rounding of the facade at the corner and slightly covering the pitched roof. The first floor of the building was intended for commerce, and the upper floors were for apartments. Such a distribution of the building's functions is still present.

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