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Residental Building of Betty and Jakob Javschitz

Kaunas, Lithuania
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By Žilvinas Rikšelis, 2021. Source: https://modernizmasateiciai.lt/b-ir-j-javschitz-namas/

This building, which was built in 1938, was commissioned by Betty and Jakob Javschitz. It was designed by Leonas Ritas - author of many modernist looking buildings that were built in 1930s Kaunas. The building is built near one of the main streets of Kaunas and maintains a scale close to the neighboring buildings. The building has three floors, a symmetrical rectangular plan. Its architecture is modern and minimalistic. The central part is emphasized by large Avant-corps. It features a vertical articulation given by the narrow, simple-looking window openings. Horizontality is given in the side parts by wide rectangular window openings. Therefore, this building has a simple and unsophisticated architecture. However, its elegance is given by small decorative details made of clinker bricks: toothed windowsills of large windows and a small plinth framing the main entrance door and skylights above it. The latter, unfortunately, are painted and have lost not only their natural color, but also their contrast effectiveness. This is one of the late Interwar period residential buildings built in this part of Kaunas.

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