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Residental Building of Baturai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Z. Rinkselio nuotrauka, 2019 m.

This three-story residential building was designed in 1927 and was built in 1928. The building stands on a corner plot at the intersection of Gediminas and V. Putvinskio Streets. The architecture of the building has not changed much, is unsophisticated and has characteristic features of 1920s historicism. The lower part of the building is distinguished from the general volume by the imitation of rusted blocks in the walls. The facade of Gediminas Street, where the main entrance is located, has a representative appearance. It is emphasized by massive two-story bay windows, a triangular pediment with rust imitation above them and a wide strip of profiled cornice. This part of the building also has two decorative oval niches. The corner part of the building at the intersection of the streets has a two-story rounded bay window. It is slightly higher than the rest of the volume and emphasizes the corner configuration of the building. The facade of V. Putvinskio Street is a little simpler, consisting of smooth wall planes, wide window openings and small balconies with metal railings. There were three residential apartments on the second and third floors of this building.

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