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Private Villa of Česlovas Pacevičius

Kaunas, Lithuania
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paceviciasu ikonele

This villa was designed by engineer-architect Vsevolodas Kopylovas. He was a student at the time at the German Technical University in Prague, from which he graduated in 1935. It is a small, one-story building with only three rooms inside. Despite its small size, the building has a modern and charming appearance. The main facade is symmetrical. There are only two rectangular windows with bold bands and a main entrance portal. It is perhaps the most important architectural highlight of the villa. The curved walls of the portal, decorated with ceramic tiles, create an aesthetic characteristic of Interwar modernism. The facades are plastered and have a smooth texture. The roof of the building is single pitched, with a slight slope facing the courtyard. This is one of the most famous works of this engineer-architect in Kaunas. Later, in 1936-1940, he worked as a civil engineer in the municipality of Telsiai, where he also designed quite a few buildings of exceptional appearance.

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