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Polish Adomas Mickevičius Gymnasium

Kaunas, Lithuania
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lenku gimnazija

A monumental three-story building, standing at the corner of Misko Street and Vytautas Avenue, is a former Polish Gymnasium. The building was designed in 1928 by Edmundas Alfonsas Frykas. The construction lasted about three years and was completed in 1931. The building is made of brick and has a plastered facade. Like other buildings designed in Kaunas in the 1920s, this one has a conservative, historicist appearance. The main facade on Misko street is symmetrical. The exterior of the building is ornate, richly decorated with various elements (rust imitation, pilasters, pediments, etc.). The upper part of the building is particularly ornate, which is emphasized by the attics of the Renaissance style, surrounded by decorated pediments and turrets. Inside the building there were a dozen classrooms, a spacious gymnasium, administrative rooms, teachers' lounge, and museum. The Polish Gymnasium operated in the building until its closure in 1940. During the Soviet era, the purpose of the building did not change, it was used as a secondary school. Now the Kaunas Steponas Darius and Stasys Girenas Gymnasium operates in the building. During the Soviet era, several extensions were added to the building. The exterior of the authentic-looking building has recently been beautifully renovated. Together with the nearby Russian Gymnasium building, the Polish Gymnasium building is one of the most decorative buildings of this function built in Kaunas during the Interwar period.

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