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Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The Flat Iron Building, called Peglezen, is situated on a long and narrow site and concludes a row of old houses. The building resembles to the iron and was named after the previous building, demolished in the earthquake and Plecnik designed the building as a highlighted the completion of a set of old houses at Poljanska as he wanted to establish a new composition and perspective. Peglezen is planned for the engineer Matko Prelovsek, the director of the municipal building bureau. The asymmetrical composition of the main facade is marked by renaissance elements. The combination of plaster gray artificial stone is characteristic for Palladian architecture. A cylindrical staircase leading to the drying loft extends beyond the irregular network of openings in the rear facade. One of the building's most famous traits is a diagonal division of the flight of the stairs.

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bostjan, August 29th, 2019
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