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Boutique Hotel Hrovaca

Hrovaca, Slovenia
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The traditional Slovenian house has been converted into a micro boutique hotel. The outside of the building is traditional, reinterpretation of that tradition was used in the interior. Elements from the landscapes have been reinterpreted into an experience for the user. Roses, woods, pastures and traditional handcrafts. The building will give more possibilities to the innovative cultural facilities of the well known Skrabec Farmhouse.

Skrabec farm became an unique venue for cultural, business and social events throughout the last decade. The ambient is about 200 years old and situated in an idyllic countryside setting about 45km South-East from Ljubljana. The farm consists of several buildings that have been completely renovated and preserved as a monument while enriched with the new content. Bostjan's House is the new addition to the farm. It will host a small design, boutique hotel that will enrich the happenings of the whole farm complex. Bostjan's house with the garden and outbuilding has preserved its traditional structure that is now upgraded with postulates of contemporary lifestyle and requirements of the new program. The existing building's envelope and some traditional elements of the house like the black kitchen was renovated according to the principle of the monument preservation, inside and outside of the house was transformed according the reinterpretation of the traditional elements. Designer of the interior architecture Mika Cimolini from Elastik has interpreted the natural landscape of the "Dolenjska" region. Elements taken from the landscapes have been stylized into abstract spatial configurations with a special experience for the guests. Forest, rose petals, green pastures and traditional handcrafts from wood have been used as basic elements for the rooms' ambiances. Wooden lath is used in the room inspired by the surrounding forests, creating immersive effect similar to the one when looking into the tree's branches. Rose petals have become graphic elements of two different wooden veneers, 3D elements on the bed's headboard, emphasized with the chair with flowers (5 o'clock chair by Nika Zupanc for Moooi), creating an experience of having a pick-nick on a lawn. Green pastures have been used quite directly by using different green textile for upholstery. Everything has been upholstered, even the table and the frame of the mirror. Since the region around Hrovaca is famous for its wooden handicraft, wooden spoons, bowls,... Wooden sieves have been used on the ceiling as light diffusers, wooden spoons have been used as original hand railings. The contemporary furnished shared breakfast room has a focal point in a stylized "tree" like shelves, that reminds us of the tree in the middle of every village in Slovenia. The tree there and the tree here, both are in the center of the social happening. The garden of Bostjan's house was designed by Studio Akka. The landscape design integrates the traditional farmhouse with the requirements of contemporary living. The entrance part looks like a traditional farm ambient with the grass. The garden behind the house is used as extension of the breakfast room, the shared social space. The strip towards the church ends with a renovated orchard of apple and plum trees and with a small vegetable and herb garden.

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bostjan, July 25th, 2014
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