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Museum Liaunig

Neuhaus, Austria
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The Museum Liaunig in the province of Carinthia in Austria was built by the Austrian collective querkraft for the collections of the Austrian entrepreneur Herbert Liaunig and completed in 2008. The museum that was initially commissioned to the French architect Odile Decq has been constructed under tight budgetary constraints. Only unplastered concrete and standard steel elements were used. These raw features helped to renegotiate the surrounding alpine landscape. Built on a plateau which drops off on either side of the complex, the museum appears like a sculpture where only a small part of the structure is immediately visible to the observer. On the street front, the complex is rising into the sky to greet the arriving visitor. The entry zone points to the old town centre of Neuhaus with its castle to connect the building with the historical architectural environment.

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thanishamsi, March 21st, 2011
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