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Minute Medical

Vienna, Austria
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Muted, monochromatic colors, matt surfaces and organic shapes create a unique and futuristic atmosphere for a nuclear medical practice in Vienna.

In this special interior, the LED light ceiling combined with curved walls and the homogenous, fluid floor give a sense of infinity. The main design element is the anthracite wall with a grainy, sandstone-like texture with small crystals added to create constant subtle visual changes. A milled pattern on the wall, extrapolated from the Logo add an extra layer of dynamics and depth.

Light blue color accents on the carpets and lounge chairs and warm oak wood elements stand out in contrast to the grey and white color scheme. The reception counter and doctor's desk are both sculpture-like elements with a white, polished surface and oak wood parts.

Discreet design elements stress the futuristic concept, such as the backlit logo that seems to float in front of the custom powder coated steel panels. Opaque windows and sliding doors with glass touch sensors and hidden radar sensors hidden inside the wall, stress the futuristic design concept. A pendant grid ceiling element with a backlit photo of the northern lights above the treatment chair and a vertical green wall on the balcony create a comfortable surrounding for the client.

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sohnepartner, April 25th, 2019
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