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OBB Muhlfeldgasse

Wien, Austria
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The construction project of OBB Infrastruktur AG at Muhlfeldgasse 15 and 16 and Holzhausergasse 1 is located near Nordbahnstrasse and Prater in Vienna's 2nd district and includes the conversion and renovation of two Wilhelminian style houses consisting of basement, ground floor and four floors.

A total of 19 apartments will be converted into 25 apartments. In addition, three empty restaurants will be renovated on the groundfloor.

In the course of the refurbishment, large livingrooms were changed by new floor plan solutions and adapted to the current living conditions. The differently sized apartments consist of one to four rooms. If the location of the apartments allows it, the rooms own a balcony facing the inner courtyard.

As part of the general renovation of the facades, historic windows will be replaced to create a uniform, harmonious overall appearance. Shading elements are planned for external sun protection on the windows.

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sohnepartner, June 20th, 2022
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