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Vienna, Austria
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The design reflects a transformation of the company's corporate identity into a built structure and its implementation in materials.

The "Wien Energie" brand and its characteristics are made tangible in this project.

High-tech design coupled with ecological principles lead to a trend-setting design which should reflect the innovative power of the company and create an unmistakable recognition value. The dominant color in all areas is the corporate identity color of the company: orange. Typical elements of the power supply such as cables and wires are transformed into design elements. In this design, special emphasis was placed on using ecological and sustainable materials.


When entering the foyer you immediately know that you are in the company of "Wien Energie".

The conference boxes located in the foyer symbolize the various business areas of "Wien Energie" such as energy, electricity, natural gas, district heating, telecommunications, electric mobility. It is planned to clad the full surface of the wall at the end of the lobby entrance with mirrors. This leads to a deeper room and results in exciting mirror images from different points of view. Another important design element is the use of light. It creates a special atmosphere in which the conference boxes seem to float in a combination of orange color and light. In addition, there are light elements to guide visitors gently through the foyer and later into the office floors. The guidance system symbolizes the energy flows of electricity, gas and district heating.

Office floors.

"As colorful as my working life"

"Wien Energie" as an open, flexible, ecological and customer-oriented company - all these values are reflected in the design and represent the quality and commitment of the company. Just as "Wien Energie" supplies a whole city with electricity and energy, the basic idea behind this design is a guiding concept that connects all floors and functions through a kind of network.

"As colorful as my working life" is a theme element that stretches from the foyer to the office floors, like a tree trunk and becomes the central connecting element.

The layout has been calmed down compared to the floor plan concept. Subareas have been rearranged without changing the core idea of the concept. More views and visual relationships were created. The floor plan has a flexible structure which can easily be changed or adapted. Another important element is the sideboards, which are distributed over the office floors as dividing elements. They are executed in textile fabrics and contain open storage space. There are also fabric protection elements on the side of the tables. These fabric elements support the room acoustics and create a homely feeling. The furniture of the lounge and the kitchen form a combination of casual sofa-like furnishings combined with high as well as standard table heights. The result is a vibrant dynamic office world with rooms which are created to think creatively, to try new things and to constantly learn.

"A round thing"

The circle as a center, a meeting place, the energy cycle; Analogies like these can be associated with the deliberate use of round elements. Teamwork spaces and communication zones form a combination of withdrawal and openness.

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sohnepartner, October 10th, 2018
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