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Vienna, Austria
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The Stadtparksteg is an arch bridge in the area of the Vienna City Park. It connects the Vienna districts Landstrasse and Innere Stadt and is only accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. The first Stadtparksteg was built at the beginning of the 1860s in the course of the urban park. For this purpose, the structure of the only five-year-old Karolinenbrucke , which was replaced by another bridge as a result of the destruction of the Vienna city wall, was dismantled and reused at this location. At the end of the 1890s adaptation work was necessary due to the regulation of the river Wien. After the destruction of the bridge towards the end of the Second World War, there was only a provisional bridge for a long time from 1945 onwards.

The Stadtparksteg in its present form was built in 1985-1987 by the Waagner Biro AG. The architect was Hermann Czech , who was responsible for the structural design of Alfred Pauser. [1] In the middle of the sidewalk construction widens and this can be used as a lookout.The bridge lies slightly diagonally above the Vienna River, but the construction is still orthogonal and the inclination is readable. The choice of the construction principle should result in the smallest possible area of silhouettes. The width of the bridge and the railings narrows almost imperceptibly towards the center, so that in the user's perspective, the road to the shore appears shorter. The sidewalk area has a slight slack to the middle (25 cm), so that, even if many people are on the bridge, from the banks a good overview is possible.

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bostjan, December 6th, 2018
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