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Skyline House

Zealand, Denmark
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A family home with lots of space on few square meters . The house is situated in the middle of a small site to form a surrounding of four unique gardens with each their own theme. The house was designed to be used as one large room or to be divided by partitions, with the possibility of up to 4 Bedrooms - beyond the entrance, bathroom and kitchen-dining room. The project is situated by the coast of the north of Zealand, Denmark. With 2 bedrooms it offers a total of 75 m2 of living space. The two buildings, inhabited by two generations, share the garden, and in the layout of the site plan attention has been given to providing both separate and common spaces.

The main focus has been to add spatiality and experience of light to the relatively small program. The plan sets the bedrooms apart from the large living space and introduces an open hallway. Diagonal views stretch out through the whole building. In working with the section ceiling height is minimized and "sky-boxes" are added to provide space and air. The large glazed openings incorporate the sky as a 5th facade. Large sliding doors lets the in- and outside melt together.

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  1. Archdaily
vanessafralves, July 16th, 2017
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