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Pascal Hausermann

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Pascal Hausermann was a Swiss utopian architect specializing in bubble houses and organic architecture. Most of his creations were built in the Rhone-Alpes region, France. Precursor the Blob architecture. He studied at the School of Architecture at the University of Geneva and continued his engineering studies in London until 1962. In 1959, at his age of 21, he built his first house in concrete for his father in Grilly. He break the tradition with the functionalist architecture.

In 1966 he joined the International Group of Prospective Architecture whose founders were: Michel Ragon, Yona Friedman, Walter Jonas, Paul Maymont, Ionel Schein, George Patrix and Nicolas Schoffer. In 1968 he began to build his own bubble house in Minzier (Haute Savoie) with his wife Claude Costy. In 1971, he founded the association "Habitat Evolutif", in Douvaine, with Claude Costy, Jean-Louis Chaneac and Antti Lovag.

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lacuna, November 25th, 2018
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