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Movie Theatre "Romuva"

Kaunas, Lithuania
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L. Mykolaicio nuotrauka, 2017 m.

In the first decade of independence, Kaunas was called "Little Paris", but by the end of the second decade, the compass of lifestyle and fashion was increasingly turning towards America. This was influenced by emigration and, of course, cinema.

The popularity of cinema was due to the fact that it was accessible and understandable to all sections of the population. From cheap and poor cinemas with rooms adapted for showing films to luxurious and modern cinemas modelled on European or American cinemas, with their own repertoire policies, cinemas offered an excellent way to spend one's free time. Cinema lured people with the illusion of a different life, into which everyone could immerse themselves, at least temporarily, as an escape from their daily routine.

The Romuva Cinema was the last cinema to open in free Kaunas. It was owned and built by Lithuanian businessmen Antanas and Petras Steikunai, who built the most modern and largest cinema in Lithuania at the time. The modernity of the building was reflected in its architecture, which incorporated not only sophisticated engineering solutions but also the aesthetics of curved shapes, glass and verve, which were very common in the context of cinemas of that time.

In post-independence Lithuania, the Romuva Cinema has become a symbol preserved by the efforts of society. Thanks to them, today we have the only cinema that is still open and has not changed its function as a centre for non-commercial cinema, education and culture.

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