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Monument to The Fallen Soldiers of WWII

Niksic, Montenegro
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The monument under Trebjesa was erected in memory of more than 1,500 Partisan fighters from the Niksic area killed in action in World War 2, out of 11,000 members of the Partisan units. It stands immediately adjacent to the site where on 9th May 1942, Fascist soldiers executed 32 freedom fighters. The monument was produced after the design by architect Ljubomir Ljubo Vojvodic and was unveiled in 1987, on the 43rd anniversary of the liberation of Niksic on 18th September 1943. It ranks as one of the most impressive and recognisable World War 2 monuments in the territory of Montenegro. The dominant expressive sculpture made from visible concrete, approximately 12m in height, stands in the centre of a circular black granite base engraved with the names and dates of those killed. The base is elevated above the terrain level by means of several steps. The principal aesthetic and symbolic visual motif is a "pentangle in a circle", an ornamentally stylised five-pointed star, which appears both in the monument's most characteristic detail, the concrete disc with a diameter of 3m, and in the base. The slanting elements which bear the distinctive concrete disc, and the vertical flutes in the concrete generate the dynamics. The composition as a whole features complex symbolism - it evokes an image of a bird with bound wings which couldn't take off, or the extinguished lives of those killed. To this day, the monument represents a symbol of antifascist struggle of the city of Niksic and its latter-day history. Sited in a sports and recreation park, it is visited daily, predominantly by the local population. On the occasions of important city and state anniversaries, it receives official visitors commemorating the events, especially the members of the Union of Veterans of the National Liberation Struggle, and Niksic's antifascists. From the year 2000, the park forest Trebjesa, measuring 156ha, is under protection as a special nature area.

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milosk, October 28th, 2019
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