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Hotel Fjord

Kotor, Montenegro
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Hotel Fjord stands in a prime location, at the very end of Boka Kotorska Bay and close to Kotor's historic center, a UNESCO-protected site. The design by Zlatko Ugljen, a Yugoslavian architect of Bosnian origin, was selected through an open architecture competition. When it was completed in 1986, the hotel had 155 rooms, four suites, and many amenities, including restaurants, bars, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a conference center. After nineteen years operating as a hotel, the building was privatized and sold. In 2005, it was closed down and slated for demolition. Today, it is empty and unused.

Hotel Fjord has been out of use for more then ten years, and there are currently no plans for its redevelopment. Traditional project development requires a substantial amount of money. Every year Hotel Fjord remains abandoned, it is a loss for Kotor and the whole region. The hotel is neither in a habitable state nor is it yet a ruin. All objects of value have been removed and the hotel is empty and naked. The body remains much the same as when it was dressed, and after adjusting to its naked condition, Hotel Fjord looks even better naked than dressed. The following four project strategies sew patterns - new dresses - for contemporary Grand Hotel Fjord.

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bostjan, February 15th, 2021
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