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Monument Palim Borcima

Pljevlja, Montenegro
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The monument symbolizes the People's Revolution and is dedicated to the victims of nearly 250 rebels killed in the battle against the Italian army known as Pljevlja Battle, on December 1, 1941. The performances of figures and reliefs, mosaics, as well as the content of the text, symbolize the victims of the fallen soldiers. This monument is unique in way that it is the mutual work of the architect Mirko Duric, the sculptor Draga Durovic and the painters Branko Filip Filipovic and Aleksandar Aca Prijic. The monument to the fallen fighters on the Strazica hill was erected in 1961. In the southern space of the crypt there is a sarcophagus with bones of fallen soldiers, while on its inner walls from the eastern and western sides there are mosaics.

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milosk, November 28th, 2018
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