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Zlatko Ugljen

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Zlatko Ugljen

Zlatko Ugljen is a Bosnian architect. He was born in Mostar in 1929 and he has designed a number of architectural achievements. Particularly interesting are his Hotels Ruža in Mostar, Bregava in Stolac, Kalin in Bugojno, Visoko in Visoko, Vučko"in Jahorina, the Bosnian National Theatre Zenica and series of individual houses, mountain huts, etc. Zlatko Ugljen also designed a number of monuments, and a significant part of his oeuvre consists of Islamic and Catholic religious buildings. Among his most significant religious buildings are certainly the White Mosque in Visoko from 1980 for which he received the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1983.

Study and Teaching

Graduated in 1949 from the Engineering High School in Sarajevo and continued with his practical training at the National Design Firm. In 1950, joined the study course in architecture at the School of Engineering of the University of Sarajevo, where he graduated in 1958. In November 1960, began teaching, conducting practical exercises at the Department of Architecture, on the subject of Design I (Design of Residential Buildings, and Tourism and Catering Industry Buildings). In 1962, became Assistant Lecturer, and thus began full-time work at the Department of Architecture.

In 1970, as a teaching staff member of the Faculty for Architecture of the University of Sarajevo, he was promoted to the position of Assistant Professor on the subject of Design I; in 1975, he became Associate Professor on the subject of Architectural Design I, and in 1985, he became a Full Professor on the same subject, and was re-elected in 1989. He taught this subject until his retirement in 2000.

His work was closely connected to the Institute for Architecture, Town Planning and Zoning of the Faculty for Architecture of the University of Sarajevo, where he was the Head of the A-4 Group until 1992. Accepted the invitation of the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts, when the Department of Industrial Design was formed, and took up full professorship at this school in 1986; still lecturing on the subject of Unique Formal Design and post-graduate studies. Along with his teaching work, he is still active in the areas of design and town planning.

In 2001, became Professor Emeritus. In 2002, became an academician, i.e. full member the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.In 2006, became a corresponding member (academician) of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In 2007, became a corresponding member (academician) of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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  1. Zlatko Ugljen
bostjan, November 22nd, 2023
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