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Lydos G. 4

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By Monika Pociūtė, 2023.

Lydos Street, which is a dead-end street, was planned in 1929 by the Kaunas Municipality. It was supposed to have six plots to be owned by politicians and public figures. Lydos 4 is one of those plots. However, unfortunately, there is not much information about the plot. The street project reveals that the street was meant to play a much more significant role than it does now: it was in the plans to have a school built nearby, and it was to be the main street connecting the centre with the square on Parodos hill. Lastly, there were plans to construct the third funicular of the city at the end of this street. However, the municipality had a hard time trying to come to an agreement with the owners of private plots, and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts was built nearby only in 1938.

The building at the end of this dead-end street has an asymmetrical facade. While one side of the entrance has a ground floor and two regular floors on top, the other side only contains a garage door on the ground floor and three regular floors. The main entrance is at a corner, and to reach the door, there are five steps. On top of the door, there is a balcony, which is used by one of the flats on the first floor. The building has modernist language, including corner windows and three narrow vertical windows. The roof is hidden behind a parapet, which creates the impression of a flat room; however, the roof is pitched.

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