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Kuchlauer Hafen

Vienna, Austria
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Modern city houses - looking over Danube

-the revitalisation of a living environment-

The project developed modern city houses in an abandoned military area near Klosterneuburg in the 19th district of Vienna. The main idea was the fusion of high standards that went in line with the surrounding nature.

Difficulties were experienced with the orientation of the houses towards the light as the river flows north and on the west side of the building run train rails and a highway. So to keep the noise from the house and get a nice view from the living quarters the project includes a greened earth wall.

Despite the preservation of the privacy of the residents there is a sense of communal spirit by community facilities such as a sauna, a swimmingpool and a generous footbridge.

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  1. Söhne&Partner Architects
sohnepartner, July 3rd, 2013
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