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Slide Tower Millstatt

Millstatt, Austria
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Slide Tower Millstatt / Sohne & Partner architects

Built in 1913, the diving board and slide tower at Millstatter-lake in Carinthia still exists today - under monument protection. Now there is a project to "redesign the promenade and the open air bathing park" which offers the restoration of the diving board and slide tower. In particular, one of the main issues of this design is to assure the safety of all users. All precautions and safety standards were strictly implemented and applied. A special focus is also on the regulatory and proper execution of safety barriers.

Old and New

The architectural idea of this design is to create an encounter of the new redesigned part of the slides and the old, renovated tower. A cooperation between old and new, a meeting of two different areas which are also able to work for themselves. The silhouette of the tower - which remains in its original design - towards the lake is in no way affected by the new slide cultivation. Looking at it from the promenade it is very visible though, but this way it functions as a visual eye-catcher to passers-by and as a modern and adequate advertising of the open air bath at Millstatter-lake.

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sohnepartner, May 2nd, 2017
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