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The Room Sofiensale

Vienna, Austria
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The Room Sofiensale / S&P architects / Image Credit: Severin Wurnig

The main focus of this design is the connection between the long tradition of the building of Sofiensale and modern, contemporary architecture.

The Room is cafe, bar, restaurant and club in one location. The day design offers bright colors and a cozy feel-good atmosphere for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee or tea, whilst the central bar area bribes the visitors at night with different lightning moods and fancy cocktails.

The location includes a smoking and a non smoking area on a total of 500 square meters. The smoking room offers a huge open window front and is located near the street area.

By planning the kitchen facilities in the basement, the ground area is all available for the restaurant rooms.

The entire design consists of many traditional materials: natural woods from an oak, felt made from recycled PET bottles and handmade concrete tiles from Morocco.

The two bars are located in the center of the The Room and include eye-catching background design. Shaped like diamonds they dominate the whole location.

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sohnepartner, December 4th, 2014
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