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KITA Loschmidtstrasse

Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany
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This kindergarden built for the city of Berlin is the second major public commission of architect Ludwig Leo. Again this public building shows the architect's aim to introduce new architectural forms and concepts to postwar German architecture. The open and flexible one-storey format of the semi-detached cubes which Leo proposed and built are similar to Aldo van Eyck's solution for his renown Amsterdam Municipal Orphanage. Although the two men must have known each other, it is unknown wehter Ludwig Leo was influenced by Aldo van Eyck's ideas.

When the kindergarden was built, the area mainly housed young families. Nowadays, the neigbourhood is mainly inhabited by older people, so that the building was converted into a home for the elderly. Only the facades remained untouched, the interior was completely refurbished.

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christian, December 24th, 2013
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