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Student Housing Eichkamp

Berlin, Germany
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The student housing complex in Eichkamp in the suburbs of what later was to become West Berlin was one of the first student accommodations to be built in post-war Germany.

The architects started to work on the project when they were still students. In the beginning they had no funding,and they built some structures themselves. Only later the construction effort was made official. For the architects it became their first public commission.

Although Eichkamp was a site of student accomodations before and was destroyed, it was much more than are a construction effort. Through their housing concept, the architects aimed to establish a new type of student community that broke with the student culture present during the NS regime.

Today, the interiors of the buildings has been altered and it is not always easy to retrace the architects' original intentions of openness and community.

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christian, June 27th, 2011
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