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Berlin, Germany
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From left to right: Daniel Gogel, Hermann Fehling and Peter Pfankuch

Hermann Fehling and Daniel Gogel were two German architects who made an idisyncratic contribution to German postwar architecture. They worked together most of their careers. Hermann Fehling was almost 20 years Gogel's senior. He first employed Daniel Gogel in his practice in 1953, but made him a partner soon afterwards. They had a common practice until Fehling's death in 1996. Daniel Gogel died only one year later in 1997.

Hermann Fehling stemmed from a merchant family of Lubeck. He was born in 1909 in Hyeres in France. He trained as a carpenter and graduated in Hamburg at the 'Baugewerbeschule' (Construction School). and began his architectural career in the offices of Erich Mendelsohn. For the office of Werner Issel he worked until 1937 mainly on industrial projects . Thereafter he lived in Berlin in hiding and sometimes homeless until 1945. After the second world war, he began to work independently. After he had hired Peter Pfankuch in 1951 and Daniel Gogel in 1953 as employees, the three architects founded the Berlin practice Fehling, Gogel, Pfankuch. From 1960, Fehling and Gogel worked as a pair and renamed themselves Fehling + Gogel; from 1976 to 1980 Walter Arno Noebel joined them although didn't change the name of their studio. From 1966 to 1975, he taught as honorary professor at the Technical University of Berlin.

Daniel Gogel was born in 1927 in Berlin. After brief military service in the Navy, he trained as a craftsman. He then began his architectural studies at the newly established College of Fine Arts in Berlin (later University of the Arts UdK). From 1974 to 1976 Daniel Gogel was a lecturer at the Technical University of Berlin.

Ermann Fehling, who was born in 1909 in Hyeres in France arose, an influential merchant family in Lubeck. Next to him, brought the family out of other important personalities, such as the chemist Hermann Fehling and the stage director Jurgen Fehling. Hermann Fehling graduated in Hamburg, a carpenter apprenticeship and attended the local school construction.

His first work as an architect he performed in Berlin in 1930 as an employee of Erich Mendelsohn. In the office of Werner Issel was in 1931, he worked until 1937 in the industrial, Fehling, then lived in Berlin until 1945 and hidden homeless. He taught from 1966 1975 as an honorary professor at the Technical University of Berlin. After a stroke in late 1995 Hermann Fehling died in February 1996.

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Berlin, Germany
  1. Fehling + Gogel (fehlingundgogel.de)
helmutseidel, November 10th, 2018
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