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Keret House

Warsaw, Poland
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Keret House has been claimed as the 'narrowest house in the world', measuring just 133cm at the widest point and 72cm at the narrowest. The house was designed by Jakub Szczesny with Centrala and is located between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland. The project started as what the architect described at the WolaArt festival (2009) as a slightly impossible proposal.

Through collaboration with The Polish Modern Art Foundation the project is to be permanently utilised as a creative residency and hermitage for travelling writers, initially established for Israeli writer Etgar Keret, the namesake of the building. Szczesny's vision is for the space to function as a studio and facilitate a world-wide creative exchange, whilst bringing talent to Wola, Warsaw. The project is communicated as a functional art installation.

The significance of the site is expressed through its positioning between two buildings from opposing eras. On Zelazna Street is a remaining brick, pre-world war II building, on the other side a cooperative concrete apartment block. The projects curators describe Keret House as a bridge between this divide, being a symbol that knits together a modern Warsaw.

The structure is completely windowless, but incorporates semi-transparent elements to allow for natural light. The space occupies two levels, including an attic and is fitted out with a bed, desk and small kitchenette.

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aleeshacallahan, December 5th, 2012
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