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By The Way House

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I came to our client's plot. It was beautiful. And then he took me to his apartment and he drew me a plan of his future house. I realized that what he drew, what the plan of the apartment we are sitting in, and this is what I told him. He said - Yes, indeed, because I like living here. Then I said - OK, but, you know, we could do it much better. Then he said - Ok, maybe, but I don't want to take any risk.He added that he would like to rise this entire part of the living room to the first floor to feel safer there. To make matters worse, he showed me a catalog with terrible examples of architecture, saying that it would look like this. I answered - Mr. Patryk, this is probably not a task for us. Anyone can redraw this, and I'm coming back to my place. He said, "No, no, Robert, I want you to do it, but to make it look like I told you.

And then the idea came up. We thought that if we have to reach our way home anyway, let's make a design motif and wrap this ugly, detached from the garden house to hide it, and then let carry it further from the first floor to the garden and lower to the very beach. In principle, the project was ready. The wrapped road creates ceilings, roof and walls of the building, and in the middle remains its dream functional arrangement. We have one theme that sets the whole. By the Way House.

The road runs through an old orchard avoiding the trees and reaches the place, where the house was supposed to be. It rises and twists around the level of the first floor, expanding towards the view, both up and up. Underneath the ground floor rooms are located. Then the ribbon unrolled and becomes a footbridge connecting the level of the first floor with the garden level and further meanders between the trees on a steep slope towards the river.

As a result, the living room at the first floor has a beautiful view and a comfortable descension to the garden. Thanks to this, at first sight ridiculous, requirement of the client, we coudl create the By the Way House.

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kwkpromes, January 16th, 2020
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