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Kaunas' Telephone Exchange Building

Kaunas, Lithuania
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The construction of the post office and the telephone station next to each other was not accidental. The need for a modern telephone exchange became apparent as the post office was modernised. The rapidly increasing number of telephone subscribers made a requirement to automate manual switch systems. The current generation of mobile subscribers has grown significantly to this day. The automation of telephone communication at that time meant accurate and fast communication - telephone operators manually connecting calls with cord pairs at a telephone switchboard were replaced by automated connection systems.

The British corporation Automatic Electric Company Ltd of Strowger Works installed the new system. As it was common for large institutions of that time, the building was used in several ways: the main halls were serving for technical equipment and support. Also, there were not only offices for staff but apartments for them as well. The Board of Roads and Waterways was also housed in the building. Unfortunately, the building suffered during the second world war and reached today differently. In the beginning, it consisted of three volumes: two on the street side (separated by a gateway) and one perpendicular to them in the yard. However, in 1944 it was blown up and has not survived.

The building has a monumental front facade which contains three-storey high columns. The language which was used in this facade reminds classical architectural order. However, when the back facade of the building is analysed, it has a modernist expression. Especially the curved edges at this facade and the emphasised staircase with its circle form give a particular characteristic to the building.

The adaptability of the building was proved over time. The printing house "Sviesa" has been operating in it for a long time after the war. In 2014, the building was acquired by the US-based healthcare technologies and services giant Intermedix Corporation.

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