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Kaukas Steps

Kaunas, Lithuania
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By Monika Pociūtė, 2023.

Until the 1920s, all the stairs in Kaunas were wooden, but in 1926 a transition began to replace the wood with granite. The most beautiful steps found in Kaunas are the Kaukas steps. It's a project by the architect Stasys Kudokas and a design by engineer Feliksas Vizbaras.

The great architectural landscape creators of interwar Kaunas' had the main goal - to connect the Zaliakalnis district with the centre and pay a lot of attention to the aesthetic appearance. Kaukas steps had become not only a more convenient pathway but also a relaxing oasis with place a three-part pool and a fountain high for people's leisure.

During the Soviet era, the steps changed. On the upper terrace of the Kaukas steps, the three-level swimming pool was replaced by one artificial water body and the sculpture "Resting" (Bronislovas Zalensas) was added.

After the restoration of independence, the reconstruction of the stairs was carried out. The territory was paved with a granite surface with integrated fountains, granite benches of the same design were built, rest areas were installed, and now the iconic accent of the place - the sculpture "Resting" - was preserved. In the warm season, fountains erupt from the pavement. The stair lighting poles are placed on both sides of the path. The original granite steps of the stairs have been preserved, and the old railings have been restored. The slopes surrounding the stairs are reinforced with green lawn turf. To this day, Kaukas steps and its top terrace are celebrated and visited every day by the locals and visitors.

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