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Kaiserdamm Apartments

Berlin, Germany
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The housing block was designed by Hans Scharoun and Georg Jacobwitz between 1928-1929 and is located in the area of Charlottenburg in Berlin's West.


The building is six-stories with a rhythmically articulated facade of white stucco, with windows and balconies aligning. The corner has integrated balconies on the facade wall at the intersection which emphasises the curve of the corner.

The building was designed in the style of New Objectivity. This approach to design meant that the 1 and 2 bedroom apartments used the most efficient use of space.

Intended to be used for single people, the interiors were furnished lavishly. There is a shop area on the ground floor, while the roof houses attic studios and roof gardens. A restaurant was also featured in the original plans, as a service for the residents, however this was never realised. At the time it was completed it was one of the first of its kind in Berlin.

Three different types of apartments form an optimal arrangement of living space in a small space in the middle floors.

The two smaller dwelling types have a bathroom and a living room where a sleeping area with one or two beds was installed. A hallway leads to the apartments, is a small kitchenette was furnished. Space for parking facilities managed a small side room. With the larger apartments two rooms, a living room and a bedroom, and a separate kitchen were installed in the homes.

The quite luxurious for the time one and two bedroom apartments give the impression of concentrated representation with skilful accommodation of the sanitary facilities in the smallest space. Large balcony doors that are secured with a railing and a narrow windshield panel, provide the apartments with natural light.

The facade is divided by the arrangement of the balconies in the middle levels, and follow it through the staircase entrances to units. Hervorstulpende bottoms with side wind protection form an L-shaped bulge of the balconies.

A red steel enclosure, the L-shaped members of the white facade lift. Eight or twelve balconies indicate a rectangle in the facade.

Context of Kaiserdamm

The apartments were built as part of a larger urban plan for the whole street of Kaiserdamm.

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