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K. Donelaičio G. 49

Kaunas, Lithuania
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donelaicio 49_ikonele

The building on K. Donelacio 49 was built in the 1940s. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information regarding the structure's owners or architect. The building has a semi-basement/ ground floor and two stories on top. At the front facade of the building, the main entrance is at the side, with seven small windows on top, which is similar to the neighbouring building. In between the windows, there are transoms which establish a horizontal emphasis. There are two windows at the front facade on each floor. On the second floor, between the windows, there is a niche, and on the other sides of the windows, there are horizontal stripes. These stripes are both at the corners and between the windows on the first floor. There is moulding between the semi-basement and the first floor, which gives the impression of a plinth. At the side facade of the building, there is a balcony on the second floor.

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