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Jonas Jablonskis Primary School

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Evaldas Vilkončius, 2022

Taking care of children's education during the Interwar period in Kaunas, efforts were made to build new and modern school buildings. One of such modern buildings is located at the intersection of Ausros and Zemaiciu streets. The building was designed in 1930 by civil engineer Antanas Jokimas. The plan of the building is irregular, consisting of two three-story rectangular volumes of different sizes which are connected at the corners. Inside, the building housed a dozen spacious classrooms, a gym, also a cinema hall and a swimming pool, and was equipped with four handicraft rooms. However, the pool was put into use only in the Soviet era, because at first there was a fear of high operating costs, and there were no teachers qualified for it. Modernity was sought to be given to the exterior as well. Asymmetrical composition, minimalist volumes divided by smooth wall planes and wide window openings create a simple, modernist-inspired appearance. The compositional accent on the exterior of the building is a vertical tower part with the main entrance, connecting the two main volumes. The building was opened in the fall of 1931. During the Soviet era, it was expanded with the construction of several extensions. Now the Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium operates in the building.

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