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House with a Studio in Kamenna Street

Brno, Czechia
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This six-storey building sits in the centre of Brno on an oddly shaped but spacious plot, surrounded by existing buildings. The lower two floors are used as an architect's studio and the top two floors form a duplex apartment with a roof terrace. The two middle floors contain offices.

The south-facing, full-height glazing on each floor is protected by an automatically operated fabric shade system which regulates the light entering the interior, and stainless-steel mesh panels protect the north-facing windows. A glass lift, from which visitors to the top floors can catch glimpses of the studio and offices, connects the six floors. A round staircase on the southeast corner of the building complements the main angular mass of the house.

A vertical glass strip between the south wall and the round staircase lets light into this space. The arrangement of columns allows for open plan areas combined with smaller rooms, some of which are highly designed elements contained within the larger space. The finishes expose the structural materials. In the studio, the floors are polished and have inset lighting panels. The main walls and ceilings are made of exposed concrete blocks.

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lacuna, April 23rd, 2014
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