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House of V. Juškys

Kaunas, Lithuania
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A small, one-story residential house with an attic, located in Zaliakalnis district, was designed, and built in 1935. The building was commissioned by Doctor Vytautas Juskys and was designed by engineer-architect Nikolajus Maciulskis. Although smaller than the neighbouring two-story houses, this building has quite an interesting architecture. It intertwines the pursuit of modernity and tradition of the time. A small, rectangular single-story volume ends in a high pitched, tiled roof. As a result, the building resembles a traditional country house. Meanwhile, the wide windows of the main facade, the recessed entrance section, highlighted by several porthole windows, and the plastered, unadorned walls are characteristic features of modern architecture of the time.

The building has one apartment, which was equipped with typical amenities of that time - water supply, heating, sewage. The purpose and appearance of the building have not changed since its construction.

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