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House of V. Chomsky

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By Monika Pociūtė, 2023.

In 1932, a rewarded war volunteer Viktor Chomsky started building a house. It was the first building in the newly designed street.

The long side of the rectangular structure is oriented towards the street. The garden is situated at the back of the house. There is only one small wooden balcony with a fence of profiled boards. The covered porch of the main entrance is highlighted on the street facade. The appearance of the house is laconic - the walls are entirely covered with horizontally stacked wooden boards; the windows are quite large. The foundation of the house is concrete. The plot is fenced off from the street by a wooden fence.

The house and its surroundings have remained relatively authentic. Only the mezzanine windows on the street side were replaced with plastic ones, the former frames were removed. It is likely that the wall painting still has the original colour combination. The building is valuable as a 20th-century building due to its modernistic stylisation.


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