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House of Statesman Stasys Stašys

Kaunas, Lithuania
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stasio namo_ikonele

The buildings, which are packed together at the corner of V. Mykolaičio-Putino Street are linked not only by their architecture but also by the people who initiated their construction. Although they are not relatives, the owners of both of these houses were two important interwar state officials - Jonas Norkaitis and Stasys Stašys. The latter, the owner of the house on plot 6, was the Director of the General Audit Department of the State Audit Office. Both luxurious traveller's houses corresponded to the status of these statesmen. This is an interesting complex of two different dwellings designed and built by the same architect at the same time. Their value is not only due to their expressive architecture but also to the hilly location of the site and the angle of the streets, which dictates the 'waving' contours of the buildings. All this is the work of the promising interwar modernist Arnas Funks. And although Stasys' house is a little more restrained in form, its liveliness is preserved by the curved balconies, the angle of the building and the bandings.

The house has six apartments. Four of them were on the first and second floors, and they had two or three rooms. There was one small apartment on the semi-basement/ ground floor and one in the attic. In the basement, the building has a boiler room, a laundry room, a storage area for the flats and a garage in the yard, which is at the side. The ceiling of the house is high on every floor, which is almost three meters high. The rooms have large windows and bright spaces. Due to the latest renovation, the flats do not have old-style fire stoves, no refrigerator cupboards, no maid's room, and many other authentic elements. However, the original parquet flooring, the rounded window frames and the corners of the ceiling are still there, which adds a lot of cosiness to the apartment. Furthermore, the original letterboxes still exist. The authentic main entrance door of the house is one of the most eye-catching elements of the façade. It has a flower in the middle of the door, which is made of glass. Therefore, it is possible to see inside the staircase from this flower. On top of the main entrance door, there are three vertical and narrow windows. The expressive façade of the has was characterised by its plasticity and its rounded balconies and horizontal stripes.

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