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House of Sofija Kymantaitė-Čiurlionienė

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By Huriye Armağan Doğan

This house was commissioned in 1932 by Sofija Kymantaite-Ciurlioniene - the widow of the famous Lithuanian painter and composer Mikalojaus Konstantinas Ciurlionis. The house was designed by the famous Vytautas Landsbergis-Zemkalnis. The building has two floors with a basement. The asymmetric composition of the facade of the building facing the street contains a number of elements characteristic of Kaunas modernist architecture. The facade has wide windows, some of which are angular, so they have a curved shape, bold lines and windowsills highlighting the window openings, a balcony with metal railing accentuating one of the corners, a wide cornice strip, a recessed main entrance in the corner, above which there is a vertical staircase window opening. There were several apartments inside, in one of which the original owner of the house lived until 1956. This is one of the most modern looking buildings in this street.

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