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House of Šneideris

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Z. Rinkselio nuotrauka, 2019 m.

The building, which is one of the representative examples of Kaunas modernism, was built in 1938. Unfortunately, there is not much information regarding the owners of the house. However, according to the archives, the building was owned by Elijosius Sneideris. The Jewish owner, his wife and their daughter, who was born in 1938, were deported to the Tomsk region, Siberia, in 1941.

The architect of the building is Stasys Kudokas, who is one of the most inspiring architects of the interwar period in Kaunas. He also designed the Kaunas Garrison Officers' Quarters, an important example of interwar modernism. The interesting thing regarding the connection of these two buildings does not only finish with being the work of the same architect, but they have similar decorations in both designs. For example, the motif of rosettes with flowers decorating the front facade of the building can be found in the carvings on the wooden ceiling of the President's Room of the Officers' Quarters.

The building has four floors, and there are two apartments on each floor. While one of the apartments has three rooms, the other has four. However, the apartments on the fourth floor are a bit smaller compared to the other floors. The flats have large lounges, several sanitary facilities and wall cupboards in alcoves. The exterior is given plasticity by sleek balconies extending half the length of the facade. Other decorative details typical of Kaunas architecture were used, such as braces connecting the windows, horizontal strips dividing the staircase area, and circular recesses. On the courtyard side near the kitchens are two small rooms designed for the servants' usage. However, this building differs from the others because there is no particular servant staircase. Therefore, the servants are also using the same stairs as the owners.

Today, the building is still used as a residential apartment.

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