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House of Priest A. Šmulkštys

Kaunas, Lithuania
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kunigo smulkscio namas vaizganto 10

The uniqueness of the priest's house is created by the different styles of all four facades of the building. The right side and front facades are the most moderate of the building - the main entrance portal with stylized columns and a shell-shaped pediment, which is decorated with plant motifs.

The left side of the house is distinguished by a semi-circular volume extending through all three floors of the house, which is "crowned" on the top of the roof by an open balcony. And the most decorative facade of the house is the courtyard - monumental and luxurious, reminiscent of a modernized baroque manor palace.

The roof is multi-tiered and divided into various shapes and forms. A six-room apartment was designed on each floor of the house, but it was implemented only on the second floor, the rest of the apartments were reduced and designated for rent.


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