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House of Pranas Jagminas

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Z. Rinkselio nuotrauka, 2019 m.

The building on Kestucio 17 is one of the artefacts which was designed by the architect Arnas Funks. He is one of the most influential architects of the interwar period of Lithuania, and it is possible to see his designs all over Kaunas. He designed this two-storey building for Pranas Jagminas in 1931. It contains a semi-basement/ ground floor and two regular floors on top.

The front facade of the building is asymmetrical, most likely due to the position of the plot, which is located at the corner. The entrance door is part of a composition, and it contains windows on top of it, which helps to provide natural light to the main staircase. There is also a servant's staircase in the building, which has direct access to the kitchens of the two luxurious flats on each floor. Furthermore, it is possible to reach the servant's staircase through the backyard as well. Each apartment has four rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a room for the maid. The flat located at the corner of the second floor has a curved balcony. At the back facade of the building, there are also two small balconies for each flat. While the street facades of the building are plastered, the courtyard facade is left without plaster, which makes the brick structure of the building visible.

Today, the building is still used as a residential apartment with shops on its ground floor.

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