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House of Prana Dubinskaitė

Kaunas, Lithuania
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p dubinskaites ikonele

In September 1930, a warehouse and two wooden dwellings were still standing on the plot, which was scheduled for demolition because of the danger to the inhabitants. However, later documents show that the unusable warehouse was still standing in the depths of the plot in 1935.

In July 1931, the owner of the plot, Zose Miliauskaite, applied to the building department of the municipality for a brick kiosk to be built in the southeast corner of the plot. The idea of building a commercial structure on this site was probably strategic, as the Zaliakalnis funicular was about to start operating in the neighbour of the plot and would attract large numbers of people. Although the design called for a modernist kiosk, it was not granted a building permit. In 1938, the new owner of the plot, Prana Dubinskaite, was granted permission to build a three-storey residential building.

Designed by Leiba Ziman, the modernist building highlights the corner of Putvinskio Street and the path leading to the funicular. The rather monotonous facades of the house are connected by a protruding rounded corner section under which the main entrance is built. The building has six flats, connected by corridors with living rooms on one side and kitchens and bathrooms on the other. An interesting, unconventional solution is the circular rooms on the second and third floors of the corner section of the building.

In 2021, an attic was added to the building, and the proportion of the facade was changed.

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