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House of Painters P. and D. Tarabildos

Kaunas, Lithuania
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V. Putvinskio Street in Kaunas is truly rich in exceptional architectural treasures. One of them is house number 5, which stands next to the P. Mažylis Maternity Home. Although it is better known today as the house of the artists P. and D. Tarabildas, who lived here between 1946 and 1975, it has a much earlier history and more than one owner. The house is one of the oldest on this street, built in 1922, but already inspired by the early, but already present, winds of modernism. The house is believed to have been designed by engineer and architect Adolfas Netyksa; however, there is no evidence which can prove it. Nevertheless, it is known that the first owner was K. Norkus.

The famous artists Tarabildos settled here already after the war. Although the house does not look large from the street, a look at it from the courtyard reveals the full size of the house. The building has one storey from the front façade; however, it has two stories from the courtyard. It also has an attic under its mansard roof. The main entrance is in the middle, and there is a bay window at the right side. The building has a brick structure; however, it has stone-imitated cladding on its façade. There is also another entrance from the side of the house, with a pediment on top. At the courtyard façade of the building, there is a balcony on the second floor.

Inside, the house is spacious: the former bathroom has a large window, and the other rooms share a common space with the kitchen. The main room was decorated with paintings, reminiscent of a gallery when artists still lived here. Today, the building is under restoration.

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