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House of Narbutai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Žilvinas Rikšelis, 2020.

This large four-story residential building was designed in 1932 by civil engineer Aleksandras Gordevicius. The architecture of the building is minimalist, typical of early modernism in Lithuania. The main symmetrical facade stands out with its simple appearance. Here, the walls are divided by rectangular windows of various sizes. The central part and the main entrance are emphasized by typical architectural elements of the period - a small canopy above the door and a vertical staircase window opening. The slightly monotonous main facade is complemented by parapet strips at the top, masking the pitched roof. Although this building stands out from the neighboring buildings with its size and laconic main facade, the most important highlight is its large rear cylindrical part, visible from the side or inner courtyard and the city center. An important highlight of this part is the flat roof on which there is a terrace. The building contained eight large apartments, which were equipped with heating, plumbing and sewage systems.

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